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What’s the Difference
Between MT4 and MT5?

Whether you prefer MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5, we’ll break down the differences between these two trading platforms right here for you.

Compare the Difference Between MT4 and MT5

Here at EverestCM, we offer our traders both MT4 and MT5. In fact, we started offering MT5 before offering MT4 as the MT5 trading platform includes the option of hedging. In this article, we cover all differences between MT4 and MT5, as well as show you all the new features of MT5.

Compare the Difference Between MT4 and MT5

The MT4 & MT5 Comparison Table

Check out the MT4 vs. MT5 comparison table below to see the key differences between MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, both of which are offered to you and all our traders when you register a Forex trading account.

Key Features Feature Description MT5 MT4
Order Execution Types

This is the number of supported types of order execution



Order Execution Details
Instant Execution Yes Yes
Market Execution Yes Yes
Request Execution Mode Yes Yes
Exchange Execution Mode Yes No
Partial Order Filling Policies

Partial edit option where a trade that is now available with maximum volume is executed, not exceeding the volume requested in the order, and unfilled volume is cancelled.

Yes No
Order Fill Policy

Additional order execution conditions

Fill or Kill
Immediate or Cancel

Fill or Kill

Pending Order Types

Types of pending orders requesting a broker to buy or to sell a financial security under predefined conditions in the future.




Having one open position of a financial instrument only.

Yes No

We allow Hedging at EverestCM. Hedging is when you have multiple positions of a financial instrument, both in the same and opposite direction.

Yes Yes
Market Depth

Bids and offers for financial security at different prices depending on the volume.

Yes No
Technical Indicators

Technical indicators are used to automatically detect patterns in the financial instrument price dynamics.



Graphical Objectives

This is an analysis tool that helps to identify financial instrument price trends, to detect cycles and support/resistance levels, to build channels and more.




Group quotes of financial instruments in time intervals.



Economic Calendar

A fundamental analysis tool which features macroeconomic news from numerous countries that can affect financial instrument prices.

Yes No
Emailing System

This is a built-in email service, where you can receive notifications from EverestCM straight to your platform.

Yes, but with attachments

Yes, but without attachments

Strategy Testing

EA tester and optimization modes.

+ Multi-currency
+ Real ticks

Single Thread

Embedded chat

Chat with other traders directly from the platform.

Yes No

MT4 and MT5 Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our traders with regards to the differences between MT4 and MT5.

Is MT4 going to be replaced with MT5?

Due to the popularity of the MT4, EverestCM will continue supporting all MT4 accounts. There are no plans of replacing MT4 in the near future. If things change, we will inform all our traders well in advance.

I’m a beginner trader. Which trading platform should I choose when it comes to trading Forex?

If you’re new to Forex and CFD trading, you could try out both our MT4 and MT5 platforms so that you can familiarise yourself with the interface and tools offered by both. You’ll then be able to choose your trading platform based on your personal preferences and knowledge. You can download MT4 and MT5 and use them in parallel to decide what trading platform suits you best for your style of trading.

What trading platforms does EverestCM offer and which one does the CEO of EverestCM prefer?

We offer both MT4 and MT5, as well as our WebTrader. As these trading platforms are linked to EverestCM’s trading accounts, you’ll need to have an account to get our best pricing. When selecting a Forex trading account, you’re also choosing your trading platform. EverestCM offers both live and demo trading accounts for MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.

Our CEO uses both MT4 and MT5, but as we’re not fence-sitters, we’ve asked him which one he prefers and he says MT5.

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